Our Lady's Catholic High School - Fulwood, Preston

Our Lady’s Catholic High School is an 11 to 16 mixed High School with 905 pupils. They required a bespoke kitchen ventilation system to support their new kitchen installation and electric catering equipment. Kitchen Air designed, manufactured and installed a full ventilation system with Central Service Void and Stainless Steel Wall Cladding to match the clients’ specification and existing building layout.

The specification called for the extracted air to be free from grease and be discharged vertically on a flat roof through an existing roof opening. The extract fan was to be roof mounted with a vertical discharge cowl.

The bespoke island canopy incorporated a central V-type filter bank extracted from various points along the cook line and discharged as above. Replacement air is introduced through diffusers mounted in the new suspended ceiling.

All ductwork and plant is situated above the canopy and in the roof space with removable access points where necessary. A central service void was installed with a riser that incorporates the fan controls and electrical and water outlets. Wall cladding was installed throughout to cover equipment and ensure hygiene.

The canopies and accompanying equipment were designed, manufactured and installed by Kitchen Air in strict compliance with the new standard for kitchen ventilation, DW172.